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Toro 570 Series Sprinklers - Body Only

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Toro 570 Series Sprinklers - Body Only
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Toro 50mm, 570 Series Body (570Z-2P)
Toro 75mm, 570 Series Body (570Z-3P)
Toro 100mm, 570 Series Body (570Z-4P)
Toro 150mm, 570 Series Body (570Z-6P)

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Toro 570 Series Sprinklers - Body Only

Ideal for all lawn and garden applications, the Toro 570 Series sprinklers are great for residential and service contractors wanting to stock just one sprinkler family. With hundreds of different nozzles, several body styles and a side inlet option, buyers have the ability to satisfy any installation requirement. Whether a small installation or an intricate design, the 570 family has the features you need.

These sprinklers include fixed arcs, pressure compensating options, specialty patterns, steam sprays, flat sprays, micro sprays and variable arc nozzles. 

  • Zero flush seal prevents flushing on pop-up, enabling more heads to beplaced on same zone

  • Low-pressure sealing at 100 kPa

  • Retraction flushing clears debris for reliable pop-down

  • Compatible with Toro spray nozzles

  • All bodies shipped with a flush plug in place for ease of flushing and riser pull up

  • Ratcheting riser permits easy arc adjustment in the field

Inlet size: 15mm BSPM

Flow rate: 0.2 – 17 l/m

Recommended pressure: 137 – 344 kPa

Pop-up heights: 50mm – 300mm

Nozzle compatibility: Toro ONLY

Nozzles included: None


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