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Holman Add-A-Station System Expander: 4 Way ln - 4 Way Out (2 parts)

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Holman Add A Station (2 parts)

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Add-A-Station – System Expander

Now power from 2 stations on a controller can be transmitted to 2 valves in the field through only one pair of field wires. Introducing Add-A-Station, the convenient unit that eliminates the need to install new wiring when adding a station. Use it to add extra valves to a system to correct water pressure problems. Or use it to work around faulty field wiring.

Unlike other “switching” units, the Add-A-Station behaves just like the valves are fully independent. You set the individual run times for 2 stations on the controller just like you regularly would and Add-A-Station works “behind the scenes” to make it happen. Maximum control and flexibility that installs in minutes.

Both valves connected to an Add-A-Station are independently timed and activated from the controller for both manual and automatic operation.

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