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  • Bermad 900 Series Hydrometers - Basic - Plastic Pilots
  • Bermad 900 Series Hydrometers - Basic - Plastic Pilots

Bermad 900 Series Hydrometers - Basic - Plastic Pilots

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Magnetic Drive Hydrometers for agricultural, garden, golf course and municipal irrigation.
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40mm Basic Magnetic Drive Hydrometer
50mm Basic Magnetic Drive Hydrometer
80mm Basic Magnetic Drive Hydrometer
100mm Basic Magnetic Drive Hydrometer
150mm Basic Magnetic Drive Hydrometer
200mm Basic Magnetic Drive Hydrometer

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The 900 Series Hydrometer is based on a patented innovation that combines a water meter control-head and a hydraulic control valve in a single unit, forming a proven solution that enhances cost efficiency, labor, and installation in a variety of irrigation applications.

The BERMAD Model IR-900-M is specifically designed for metering and control applications in agricultural and landscape irrigation as well as in municipal & industrial water supply systems.

The 900-M Series is a unique product integrating both a vertical turbine Woltman-type water meter and a diaphragm actuated hydraulic control valve. The vertical turbine impeller drive is magnetically coupled to a vacuum-sealed meter register in the control head. Both the magnetic drive control head and its register(s) are hermetically sealed and are not affected by dirty water nor environmental humidity.

The highly sensitive magnetic drive provides superior accuracy that exceeds all water meter standards. The available Reed Switch and Opto-Electric 4-20 mA transmitter options provide greater flexibility in electrical pulse generation.

Serving as Flow Meter and Main Valve, the BERMAD Model IR-900-M controls irrigation together with the irrigation controller. The IR-900-M provides the full spectrum of metering functions – from simple visual readout, to pulse output for computerized data capture and control – while simultaneously allowing for numerous control valve features such as pressure, level and flow control.

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BERMAD Model IR-900-M information Guide

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