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Galcon 7101 25mm Battery Operated Controller

Quick Overview

Galcon’s 7101 controllers are completely waterproof (IP68). They are suitable for underground installation in valve boxes. The controllers have all the features and benefits of the 7001 models.

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Galcon 7101 25mm Battery Operated Controller

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A new waterproof (IP-68) technology specifically developed for all weather conditions, this user-friendly, battery operated, 1-station automatic controller is ideal for irrigation control, including inside a valve box.

Battery operated irrigation controller, beautifully designed to irrigate, as well as decorate, any home garden - great or small. Ideal for drip and sprinkler systems in home gardens, flower pots, roof gardens, etc.

Main Features:

• Completely waterproof and weather resistant

• Easily installed and user friendly

• Weekly and Cyclical programming

• Up to 4 start times a day in the weekly program

• Irrigation duration from 1 minute to 12 hours

• Irrigation frequency: from once in 3 hours and up 
to once in 30 days

• Manual or automatic operation

• Operated by one 9V Alkaline battery

• Rain Sensor Ready

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