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Netafim Miniscape 8mm Dripline

Quick Overview

Dripline for domestic landscapes, small garden areas, raised garden beds, planter boxes and potted plants. Heavy duty, non-pressure regulated drip-line. Colour: Brown, Internal Diameter: 6mm, Pressure Range: 5-30
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2.0 L/H X 0.15m X 50m Miniscape Coil
2.0 L/H X 0.15m X 100m Miniscape Coil
2.0 L/H X 0.15m X 200m Miniscape Coil
2.0 L/H X 0.30m X 50m Miniscape Coil
2.0 L/H X 0.30m X 100m Miniscape Coil
2.0 L/H X 0.30m X 200m Miniscape Coil

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Miniscape 8mm Dripline

The water world is changing; gone are the days of water-wasting sprinkler heads that expse our precious resources to evaporation and wind-carry, meaning that you pay more for a resource you're not even making use of. Miniscape is the best replacement for microsprays in the market, in order to reduce your wastage through increased efficiency. 

This heavy duty, non pressure compensating 8mm (internal diameter 6mm) brown dripperline used in domestic landscapes, small garden areas, raised garden beds, planter boxes and potted plants. It is reccomended to install a filter, pressure regulator, air release valve and line flushing valve with all dripline systems. 

  • Reduces water usage up to 60%
  • Reduces plant disease
  • Can be installed above or below the surface
  • Clog resistant
  • Flexible and easy to install in existing gardens
  • Maximum single run of 15 meters or a loop run of 30 meters

Features and Benefits:

    •    Patented TurboNetTM Dripper Technology
    •    Large centrally located dripper inlet filter
    •    UV resistant brown dripperline
    •    Flexible - easy to use in difficult areas
    •    High water efficiency
    •    Approved by the Smart WaterMark TM


    •    Non pressure compensated (Non PC) dripperline
    •    2.0 l/h Drip Discharge Rate (at 100kPa)
    •    Recommended filtration: 120 mesh (130 micron)
    •    Coil Length: 50m, 100m, 200m
    •    Internal Diameter: 6.4mm
    •    Pressure Range: 5-30
    •    Dripper Spacing : 0.15m/0.3m

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