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The Best Way To Clean Solar Panels In Australia

Did you know the amount of energy the sun provides the earth in an hour, can satisfy the energy required by the whole planet for a year? Even though we harness a tiny fraction of this energy using solar panels, these panels convert solar light to usable energy using photovoltaic cells. Using solar power is essential for us to move to a carbon-neutral future. Did you know last year California produced so much solar power it paid states like Arizona to use California’s solar power to prevent overloading its own grid?

Solar panels are used in homes, offices, factories, and solar farms. Most photovoltaic solar panels come with a 20-year warranty; they only lose about 80% efficiency after the warranty has expired. Factors like dust, sand, and bird feces affect the efficiency of these cells from day one, and these solar panels need to be manually cleaned, similar to cleaning your window glass. Also, just like window glass, these panels are fragile, and unlike window glass, they are expensive to replace if damaged. The service costs to clean solar panels also adds costs to your panels.

Jain Irrigation and its sister company NaanDanJain manufacture a sprinkler called Spark to automate solar cleaning. This is the simplest and best way to clean your solar panel.

Here are some of the advantages of Spark:

  • Fully automated solar cleaning
  • It requires no electricity compared to manual cleaning
  • It saves manpower and labor costs.
  • Keeps solar panel efficiency at 100% all the time; thus it maximizes the amount of energy you produce
  • Its safe as most panels are deployed on top of roofs prevents human injury
  • It prevents your expensive solar panels from getting damaged
  • Also, with a proper design, you can reuse the water meant to clean your solar panels.

There are two types of spark sprinklers that need to be embedded to your solar panels for optimal cleaning:

  • Spark 180: This type of sprinklers gets attached to the center-top of your solar panels
  • Spark 90: This type of sprinkler gets attached to the edge of your solar panels.

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