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Grundfos CRN 1S - Single Phase Vertical Multistage Pumps

SKU 96542378
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Grundfos CRN 1S - 1 x 240 V 50 Hz Single Phase Vertical Multistage Pumps

The CRN pump is an in-line, multi-stage pump available in a wide variety of flow and pressure sizes. Built from high-grade AISI 316 stainless steel, the CRN is perfect for ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, machine tools (cooling lubricants), distillation systems, swimming baths, oils, alcohols, acids and alkalis, process-water systems and processes handling a broad range of problematic liquids.

A number of ATEX-approved CRN pumps are available, according to the locality, hazard and likelihood of a dangerous situation occurring. ATEX-approved pumps are for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Explosive atmospheres consist of air and combustible matter such as gases, vapours, mist or dusts in which the explosion spreads after ignition.

Temperature Restistant

Available with air-cooled top with a special air-cooled shaft seal chamber, enabling it to handle liquid temperatures up to 180 °C at maximum 25 bar.

Efficient Solutions

Minimised pressure loss with lower NPSHr improves hydraulic efficiency, overall pump performance and allows for a compact, space-saving system design. 

High Hydraulic Efficiancy

Performance is optimised from fluid mechanics insights provided by extensive simulation-driven design and verification 

Connection Size: Flange DIN DN 25/32

    Grundfos CRN 1S Vertical Pumps

    Model Number Model Name
    96542378 CRN 1S-2 Single Phase - 0.37kW
    96542379 CRN 1S-3 Single Phase - 0.37 kW
    96542380 CRN 1S-4 Single Phase - 0.37 kW
    96542381 CRN 1S-5 Single Phase - 0.37 kW
    96542382 CRN 1S-6 Single Phase - 0.37 kW
    96542383 CRN 1S-7 Single Phase - 0.37 kW
    96542384 CRN 1S-8 Single Phase - 0.37 kW
    96542385 CRN 1S-9 Single Phase - 0.37 kW
    96558107 CRN 1S-10 Single Phase - 0.37 kW
    96558110 CRN 1S-11 Single Phase - 0.37 kW
    96436456 CRN 1S-12 Single Phase - 0.37 kW
    96558111 CRN 1S-13 Single Phase - 0.37 kW
    96558113 CRN 1S-15 Single Phase - 0.55 kW
    96558114 CRN 1S-17 Single Phase - 0.55 kW
    96558116 CRN 1S-19 Single Phase - 0.55 kW
    96558117 CRN 1S-21 Single Phase - 0.75 kW
    96558121 CRN 1S-23 Single Phase - 0.75 kW
    96558123 CRN 1S-25 Single Phase - 0.75 kW
    96558125 CRN 1S-27 Single Phase - 1.1 kW
    96558127 CRN 1S-30 Single Phase - 1.1 kW
    96558130 CRN 1S-33 Single Phase - 1.1 kW
    96558132 CRN 1S-36 Single Phase - 1.1 kW