Under-Sink Water Purification System - Twin Cartridge

Under-Sink Water Purification System - Twin Cartridge

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The twin under-sink water purification system improves taste, colour & odour, reduces chlorine content and has a pre-filter which assists in removing suspended matter such as silt, rust, sand, algae, sediment, scale particles, dirt and cloudiness from water.

This two-stage filtration system offers a superior water-cleaning experience to suit both home and office needs. First, a pre-filter is used to remove dirt, sediment, rust and algae particles that may be present in the water. After this, a second submicron triple action compressed carbon cartridge is engaged, which removes chlorine, bad tastes, odours, and a large proportion of the heavy metals and chemicals that may be contained in the water. 

System Package Includes:

  • White Housing (1/4" BSP)
  • 10 micron carbon block cartridge
  • 5 micron sediment filter polyspun type cartridge
  • Faucet kit
  • Spanner
  • Dual check pressure limiting valve
  • Bracket


Features & Benefits:

  • Full mains kit
  • Improves taste, colour & odour
  • Reduces chlorine