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Butterfly Sprinklers

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Butterfly Sprinklers
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1/2" Stainless butterfly sprinkler - double poly spinner
1/2" Plastic butterfly sprinkler
3/4" Stainless butterfly sprinkler - double poly spinner

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Butterfly Sprinklers

These sprinklers are designed for use in home watering systems, as well as for agricultural use. They are very hard wearing, reliable sprinklers that are ideal for simple systems, and come with a choice of frame - stainless steel or plastic. 

The plastic option is best for use in nurseries, offering a low pressure sprinkler with a rotating spinner making it the most economical alternative to the stainless steel frame. 

  • Manufactured from high quality plastics, in conjunction with a stainless steel spindle

Inlet: 15mm MBSP
Jet Size: 3.1mm
Flows: 4.4 Lpm to 7 Lpm
Diameters: 9.8m to 11m

The stainless-steel alternative is the best option for use in market gardens and nurseries. The lower pressure butterfly sprinkler provides advanced water distribution. In combination with a Die-cast zinc body, stainless steel spindle, plastic spinner and brass nut, this is a durable option that can even be used in cases of bush fires. 

Inlet: 15mm FBSP and 20mm FBSP
Jet size: 5mm
Flows: 11.8 Lpm to 16.2 Lpm
Diameters: 12.2m to 13.4 



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