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Groundwater or harsh water can pose a real challenge to the efficient operation of your sprinkler irrigation system, and the productivity of your investment. Thanks to its industry-leading filtration area and low back-flush cycle, Our automatic and semi-automatic ensure uncompromised filtration, uniform flow uniformity and higher yields over the long-term, while significantly lowering your filtration operating costs.

Reliable and durable yet lightweight and compact, fitting just about any landscape or agricultural application. The Mini Sigma is corrosion free, easy to install, and low maintenance. Designed to operate effectively with lower pressures and minimal maintenance. The Mini Sigma is outfitted with Amiad's ADI-P electronic controller, making monitoring the filter a breeze via bluetooth technology and a user friendly mobile app. 

Automatic self-cleaning filters will save time, energy and money. No manpower lost to manual monitoring and cleaning, less water wasted as the self-cleaning process only uses the precise amount needed to clean and flush filter. This reduces the cost of both water and labor.

Automatic Filters

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