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NaanDanJain’s wide range of products, professional expertise and extensive accumulated experience enable us to offer you the perfect solution, tailor-made for you. Whether it’s in Agriculture or Industry, Green energy or Landscaping - our solution are made to fulfill your aspiration and meet your local challenges, water properties and budget.

NaanDanJain offers an extensive range of high-quality plastic and metal impact sprinklers for agricultural irrigation, including both Overhead and Undertree sprinklers.

Our sprinklers are suitable for diverse applications in open fields, orchards and plantations Facilitate full-circle and part-circle cover a wide range of wetting diameters from small plastic sprinklers to powerful giant sprinklers.

Land & Water Technology stock the 5022 Series Impact Sprinkler in our Malaga Store. If you are after a non-stocked item please contact us on (08) 9209 3330 and we can arrange a quotation. 

Our Shipping Conditions for Naan Dan Jain Products are $35.00 for orders under $500.00 and Free Delivery for orders over $500.00.

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