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Hydrocyclone Centrifugal Sand Filters are used prior to primary filtration with well or bore water. Ideal for removing large volumes of suspended material denser than water and to reduce the load on the primary filter. For use in all forms of irrigation.

Also known as sand separators, centrifugal filters are primarily for removing particulates, such as sand, from the water. They are great for situations where a lot of sand is present in the water as they don't clog up nearly as quickly as other types of filters. The dirty water enters the filter where it is swirled around the inside of a cylinder. The centrifugal force causes the sand particles to move to the outside edge of the cylinder where they gradually slide down the side to a holding tank at the bottom. Centrifugal filters are reasonably inexpensive, very simple, and are very effective for removing sand from water.

Hydrocyclone Filters

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