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Netafim Techline AS 13mm Dripline

by Netafim
Part Number 17380-002600
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Netafim Techline AS 13mm Dripline

Product Description

Netafim Techline is an integrated drip-line made from brown poly pipe with drippers moulded in to it at set spacings.

Conventional drip-lines usually feature either a non-pressure compensating (Non PC) dripper for use on flat ground or pressure compensating (PC) drippers which can be used on both flat and sloping ground.

Techline features the special Netafim DripNet Dripper which is a pressure compensated (PC) self regulating dripper that also has a unique Anti-siphon mechanism that prevents “suck-back”.

What is Suck-Back?
Suck-back occurs when a dripperline stops watering and water drains out of dripperline and creates a vacuum inside the tube. The vacuum inside the dripperline can draw contaminated water, dirt or debris back into the dripper and cause possible drip blockage or damage. The Anti-siphon mechanism closes off when a vacuum forms inside the dripperline preventing any suck back into the dripper or dripperline. Anti-siphon mechanism offers unsurpassed protection for all drip systems in under mulch and sub-surface installations.


  • Anti-siphon mechanism – prevents contaminants from being drawn inside the dripper when a vacuum forms inside the dripperline at shut off. 
  • Self-compensating & self flushing dripper mechanism – ensures that the dripper discharges at a uniform rate and remains clean. 
  • Unique TurboNetTM regulating water passage – increases turbulent flow through the dripper ensuring that suspended solids in the water remain suspended. 
  • Large centrally mounted drip inlet filter – prevents sediment entering the drip inlet 
  • Mechanical root barrier – coupled with a Netafim Techfilter offers the best protection against root intrusion in sub-surface drip systems. 
  • UV resistant dripperline – designed for trouble free operation. 
  • 7 year warranty – pro rata (Conditions apply) 
  • Compatible with standard 13mm fittings
    • Sub-surface installations (below turf)
    • On surface installations (under mulch)
    • Areas prone to vandalism – dripperline is covered by mulch or turf
    • Areas subject to slopes or changing topography
    • Windy areas – no mist or over-spray
    • Ideal for both regular and odd shaped areas
    • Discrete in high profile landscapes
      • Low and high flow rates: 1.6L/H & 3.0L/H. 
      • Pressure compensating range: 40kPa to 250kPa. 
      • Anti-siphon Mechanism: prevents “suck-back”. 
      • Maximum Operating Pressure: 250kPa. 
      • Recommended Filtration: 120 mesh (130 micron) 
      • Dripperline inside diameter (I.D.): 12.9mm 
      • Dripperline outside diameter (O.D.): 15.3mm
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