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Naan Dan Jain Spark - Solar Panel Cleaning Sprinklers

Part Number SPKH12020
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Naan Dan Jain Spark - Solar Panel Cleaning Sprinklers



*The Spark Kit includes: 2 piece solar panel bracket, modular sprinkler and 20cm butterfly tube. Assembly is required during the installation of the spark solar panel cleaning kit. 

NaanDanJain has come up with the perfect solution – Spark , the solar panel cleaning unit!

It is an optimal and economical solution for the cleaning and  washing of solar panels. We make sure you won’t have to  climb your roof again or worry about cleaning your endless  number of panels. Instead, you can be rest assured that your  solar energy facility is producing electricity full throttle


  • Increase electricity generation: enables the system to keep producing more efficiently.
  • Saves money: no need to hire any cleaning services.
  • Saves labor: manual cleaning of the panels becomes obsolete.
  • Saves time: no time invested in maintaining and cleaning the system.
  • Safety: eliminates the need for elevated handling and cleaning risks.


  • Unique adjustable Spark unit that fits most panels in th market.
  • The Spark unit maintains steady, well-aligned micro sprinklers on the panels for optimal cleaning.
  • Uniform cleaning of the panel.
  • The Spark unit is free of vibration while cleaning the solar panels, unlike other solutions in the market
  • All components are modular and easy to assemble without a need for special tools.
  • Easy, user-friendly assembling and dismantling of the unit on the panel.
  • Two kinds of water distribution for best coverage of the area: The main Spark unit consists of a 180°

Static diffuser, while the second Spark unit consists of a 90° static diffuser for use on the edges and boundaries.

  • Non-rotating parts for long life span even under tough conditions, such as high temperatures, wind and dust.


It is better to operate the Spark units daily, preferably early in the morning. At dawn, the surface of the panels is wet and covered with dew. Thus enabling the Spark units to clean the panels with less amount of water. The optimal duration of operation of the Spark units varies from 15 to 25 seconds, depending on the severity of the surrounding conditions and the amount of dirt buildup.