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Tavlit 2x50mm TVD Automated Disc Filter Array 130 Micron Low Pressure Flush

by Tavlit
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Tavlit 2x50mm Complete TVD Series Automated Disc Filter Array 130 Micron Low Pressure Flush with Manifold


TAVLIT line of automatic disc filters model TVD combines high quality depth filtration with efficient flushing of the disc element. This unique automatic disc filter (patented), enables flushing at a very low pressure of 150kpa as compared to 300kpa normally required by such systems.

The innovative technology of the filter uses venturi devices inserted at the spine’s inlets that introduce air during the flushing process to enhance it. The mixture of air and water enables more efficient flushing, uses smaller quantities of water for flushing and shortens the flushing time. It also enables proper flushing at a low pressure. The use of air also cushions the discs thereby reducing friction and prolonging the disc element life. The venturi devices inject air from the atmosphere and no external power or compressed air is required. The venturi devices are open only during flushing and do not operate during filtration.

The filter element is composed of grooved discs. The grooved discs are compressed together to form the filtration element. The intersections between the grooves and the outer surface of the element offer large effective filtration surface with in depth area used to stop debris is especially effective in filtration of organic matter. Shorter delays between flushing may be required for excessive organic loads.

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Water enters the filter and flow through the discs from the outer surface into the inner space.

The dirt accumulates on the outer surface and between the grooves. and filtered water flow to the outlet of the filter.


Accumulation of the dirt increases the head loss across the filters’ battery.

When the head loss reaches a pre-set value (usually 50kpa; 7-psi) the controller performs a flushing cycle flushing one filter after the other.

During flushing air is introduced into the spines. The mixture of air and water enables highly efficient flushing, uses smaller quantities of water and shortens the flushing time. Additionally, the controller has a pre-set time-based flushing as backup.

  • DP setting is set at 0.5 bar (50 kpa)
  • Flush time 30 seconds
  • Delay 2 hrs

Users should monitor the drop in pressure across the inlet and outlet on the three way pressure gauge at the inlet manifold. The time it takes to reach a 50 kpa drop across the filter is the flushing cycle Delay – if possible set your delay to minus 30 minutes. Set the flush time to 30 seconds or whichever time it takes to return pressure drop below 20 kpa across the filter.

  • As main filter battery for ag, turf and large landscape projects.
  • Suitable for low quality water, especially water with high load of organic matter.
  • Used as pre-filtration in systems when a high degree of filtration is used to protect the main filters.
  • Available in 50mm and 80mm inlet head size for various flow rates.
  • Max. operating pressure 1,000 kpa
  • Min pressure required for flushing 150 kpa
  • Backflush flowrate: 7.0 m3/h (at 150 kpa).
  • Filtration grade: 120 micron/mesh