4500LTR Squat Corrugated Poly Domestic Water Tank

4500LTR Squat Corrugated Poly Domestic Water Tank

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Corrugated for Strength

The traditional corrugated wall profile cannot be substituted for strength and appearance. This style has been in use and PROVEN for over 100 years and is recognised to be the strongest and best design. It is a well known fact that as soon as an object receives some ribbing the rigidity increases enormously.

Self Supporting Roof Design

The new roof profile has been designed and tested and has proven to be the strongest and most durable. No internal support is needed in any size tank.


• One piece construction 
• Attractive Heritage design 
• Corrugated for strength and traditional appearance 
• UV stabilised to withstand our harsh climate 
• Durable and impact resistant polyethylene for long life 
• Self supporting lid design eliminates need for centre support pole 
• Available in all colours

Corrugated poly water tanks are designed and manufactured under strict control to ensure they are suitable for drinking quality and fully UV stabilised in all colours to survive the harsh climate experienced here in Western Australia. The manufacturer uses the best linear low density food grade polyethylene in guidance with Australian Standards. An important feature of the corrugated poly water tanks is that they are a ONE PIECE CONSTRUCTION, the roof and walls are moulded as one with no joins seams or parts lines down the walls. At no stage is the roof cut off and screwed back on.