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Woltman Magnetic Turbo Water Meters - WST Flanged

by Netafim
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Woltman Magnetic Turbo Water Meters - WST Flanged 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm & 200mm



Heavy duty and designed to handle high flow rates, the Turbo-Bar-E/M Magnetic Drive Water Meter with Electronic Register (Turbo-Bar-E) or Magnetic Register (Turbo-Bar-M), covers a very wide flow range, and is particularly suited to industrial, waterworks, water distribution, water monitoring, and Irrigation applications.

Based on the Woltman principle, the helical blades of the turbine rotate around the axis of flow, the Turbo-Bar-E/M is a long-life product, easy to maintain at low cost.

■ The water meter can be installed in any orientation without interfering with metrological performance.
■ The arrow on water meter body must be in the same direction with the flow.
■ To avoid turbulence that may interfere with accurate measurement, it is recommended to have a length of straight pipe equal to 5 diameters upstream from the water meter.
■ Prior to installation, flush the line to remove debris.
■ The Turbo-Bar-E/M must be filled with water to operate. 

Magnetic Register:

■ Magnetic drive
■ Dry, IP68; NEMA 6P Sealed Register
■ "Reed switch" sensor allow one or two pulse outputs option
■ Easy maintenance
■ ID 2004/22/EEC Approved, according to OIML R49, EN14154 (sizes 40 - 300 mm).

Electronic Register:

■ Digital display (LCD, 4-8 digits) of Flow Rate and Volume
■ Electronically improves metering sensitivity
■ Reduces reverse flow from accumulated volume
■ Programmable Measuring units and Pulse rate
■ Battery lifespan – 10 years
■ Integrated two pulse outputs option
■ Can easily upgrade any Standard meter
■ Dry, IP68; NEMA 6P Sealed Register

Ratios – the ratio between the extreme flow rates (Qmin and Qmax) is:
1:330 for the WST 50mm
1:400 for the WST 80mm
1:375 for the WST 100mm
1:169 for the WST 150mm
1:146 for the WST 200mm
Bearings and materials used in the WST have been proved to ensure durability far beyond the ISO Standard requirement. This feature ensures that the meter can function in extreme conditions where other meters fail to maintain a sufficient level of accuracy.