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Amiad Fertiliser Injector 4-02

by Amiad
Part Number 300001-000011
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Amiad Fertiliser Injector 4-02 Gravity Type For Auto Operation Includes 4-05 NC Valve.



Amiad's wide range of filtration solutions is designed to meet every need, from independent farmers to large agricultural co-ops.

Amiad develops water delivery systems for irrigation, treating and filtering the water according to the water source and the destination - direct to the farmer or to the fields. In addition, Amiad's systems for effluent water reuse ensure that all waste water can be treated and safely reused for the irrigation of fruits and vegetables.

Amiad has also been a leader in fertigation systems for decades. Precision metering and placement helps nourish crops while minimizing the chance of over-application or off-target movement of plant nutrients - another element in Amiad's commitment to clean water and clean technology.

The fertilizer and chemical injector needs no external power supply, since the linear hydraulic motor contained within the unit, is powered by the hydraulic pressure of the irrigation system. The unit is resistant to nearly all known chemicals used in agriculture and horticulture.

Gravity feed type 4-02 (300001-000011) fitted with a 1"C filter at the end of the suction pipe. Suitable for working with large fertilizer tank – which has an outlet at the bottom. Changeover conversion kits are available for converting from one type to the other.

  • Water driven chemical injectors that need no external power supply.
  • Does not cause pressure loss in the irrigation line.
  • Operation begins at low pressure.
  • Simple operation, adjustments and maintenance.
  • Chemical resistant to nearly all known chemicals used in agriculture and horticulture. 
  • Ideal for Fertilizers, Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Soil Saturants, Trace Elements, Nutrient Solution, Acids (for desolating drip systems), etc.