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Puretec Hybrid G7 Dual Stage Ultraviolet 20" x 4.5" Water Filtration System (130 LPM)

by Puretec
PN: Hybrid G7
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Puretec Hybrid G7 Dual Stage Ultraviolet Water Filtration System (130 LPM) 1" Connection with Cartridges

Provides safe and purified water at every tap.

Designed for both mains and rainwater supply, this filter system is highly effective in eliminating 99.9% bacteria and parasites in your water.  Enjoy the peace of mind of safe, purified water at every outlet in the house. The Puretec Hybrid system is highly effective and efficient in reducing taste, odour, chemicals and sediment in your water, giving good general purpose filtration.

Puretec Hybrid-G Series is specifically designed to kill harmful bacteria in untreated water supplies. It uses a natural purification process that’s eco-friendly and chemical free. It includes pre-filtration to ensure that particulate matter does not shield microorganisms from the UV light. This system will effectively treat water, depending on the required UV dosage and existing water quality.

The Puretec Hybrid-G system cartridges and lamp needs replacing regularly to maintain optimum performance. Your new Hybrid-G system incorporates a failure warning feature that warns you of a lamp failure by :

  1. An LED warning light
  2. An audible alarm In addition, when the alarm “beeps” on and off, the lamp is due to be changed so effective treatment is maintained.
  3. A Green LED indicates that the system is operating correctly


    • Platinum Performance Product
    • Rain & Mains Water Supply
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • WaterMark Certified (License No. WM 74593)
    • Dual filtration for extra sediment capacity
    • Stainless steel weather cover - Weather protection
    • Fast plug & play installation
    • Turns your tank and mains water into pure, safe, delicious drinking water
    • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and parasites with Radfire™ ultraviolet technology, a natural purification process that’s eco-friendly and chemical-free
    • Heavy duty stainless steel construction is durable and low maintenance
    • 1” connections
    • Quick and easy plug-and-play installation
    • Lamp count-down timer and alarm (audible & visible)
    • Anti-tamper & childproof lockable lid
    • Hinged lid for easy access for lamp change

Model Number HYBRID-G7
Sediment removal PL05MP2
Taste and odour removal DP10MP2
High output UV lamp, 50 W RL6
Max Pressure 875 kPa
Max Flow 130 Lpm
Connection 1” BSP [25mm]
Warranty 3 years^

Hybrid UV Dosage

Flow rate @40mJ/cm² 75 Lpm
Flow rate @30mJ/cm² 94 Lpm
Flow rate @16mJ/cm² 130 Lpm

Spare Parts
 Product Code Description Product Link
PL05MP2 / DP10MP2 G7 Replacement Cartridge Click Here
RL6 G7 Replacement UV Lamp Click Here
HR-G7R2 G7 Maintenance kit Click Here