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FPC-12724 Rain/Main Single Pump Controllers - Single Phase

by Matelec
PN: FPC-12721
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FPC-12724 Rain/Main Single Pump Controllers - Single Phase


The unique MATelec Rain/Mains Water Controller is designed to provide a continuous supply of water for a variety of uses, whilst prioritising and maximising the usage of Rain Water. The system comprises a Controller, a unique Valve and a Liquid Level Switch. The controller not only monitors the level of stored Rain Water, switching the valve accordingly, but also provides a switched output for the control of power to a pressure pumping system If Rain Water becomes available, the valve through which Mains Water is being supplied, is automatically pulsed closed by the controller, and at the same time, the 240Vac pump output contacts are energised.

In the event of either ‘Rain Water Depletion’, “Prime Loss’ (if set up), ‘Power Failure’ or ‘Pump Failure’ the controller will immediately pulse the valve open, and de-energise the pump output contacts. The controller has a ‘System Test’ function which, if initiated, changes the status of the system to enable the operator to check valve and pump function at the press of a button. This test button doubles as a Reset Button to enable the operator to clear faults without having to enter the live voltage area of the enclosure. This product is ideally setup for Industrial and Commercial applications such as playing fields, golf courses and large commercial properties with multiple toilets, where a ’high flow’ system is required. The controller is suited to an outdoor installation, and is housed in a weatherproof lockable metal enclosure


  • Unlimited pump options above ground or submersible
  • Compatible with an entire range of high low “head loss’ valves
  • No pressure reducing valves
  • No continuously actuated solenoid valves
  • Test Button - Provides change of system status, including pump and valve switching
  • Indicator Lights provide ‘power’, ‘valve’ and ‘fault’ status information
  • Pump protection feature - If Rain Water is depleted, switching of pump output isolates power to pressure pump system
  • Controller can be situated up to 50m from storage tank
  • Ideal for Industrial, Commercial and/or Domestic applications


  • Enclosure:
    • IP56 weatherproof rating
    • Powder coated mild steel
    • Inner door and removable gland plate
  • Protection:
    • Padlockable mains power isolator switch
    • Circuit breaker protected low voltage control and input circuitry
    • Contactor and thermal overload protection of pump
  • Control & interface:
    • Electronic keypad
    • Indicator lights for rain/mains water and system fault
    • System test button for checking pump and valve function
  • Inputs:
    • 2x digital 12Vdc inputs for low level float switch and working pressure switch
  • Outputs:
    • 1x pump supply output
    • 12Vdc output for solenoid valve
  • Included with panel:
    • 25mm female/female 12Vdc pulse latching solenoid valve


  • Operation:
    • If rain water becomes available, the controller pulse closes the mains water valve and the pressure switch will control the pump
    • In the event of rain water depletion, pump fault or power failure, the controller shuts off the pump and pulses the valve open for mains water use
  • Fault protection:
    • Pump overload shut-down

FPC-12724 Range - Single Phase (230Vac)

Code Overload Rating Enclosure Size
FPC-12724-AA 1.6 - 2.5 Amp 400x300x200mm
FPC-12724-A 2.5 - 4 Amp 400x300x200mm
FPC-12724-B 4 - 6 Amp 400x300x200mm
FPC-12724-BB 5.5 - 8 Amp 400x300x200mm
FPC-12724-C 7 - 10 Amp 400x300x200mm
FPC-12724-D 9 - 13 Amp 400x300x200mm
FPC-12724-E 12 - 18 Amp 400x300x200mm