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SD System SDS 2-Wire Irrigation Controllers

Part Number SDS-50e
Original price $2,326.50 - Original price $3,152.16
Original price
$2,326.50 - $3,152.16
Current price $2,326.50

SD System SDS Series Two Wire Irrigation Controllers

Controllers are supplied complete with plug-in power supply, two-wire device programming leads, lightning protection and PumpNode™ - App downloadable from Apple App Store and Google Play.

  • SDS-50: 48 stations, runs 4 valves | SDS-100: 96 Stations, runs 8 valves 
  • DataCoil™ solenoid coil + decoder in one
  • SignalCloud cloud-based central control software for PC, Mac, Tablet 
  • SignalCloud Mobile App for Android, iPhone and iPad
  • Signal Moisture Sensor can be placed anywhere along the two-wire path 
  • Weather Station Integration for program adjustment with SIGNAL WeatherHawk

SDS-50 Two-Wire Irrigation Controller

48 Station, 8 Program, 2 wire, Runs 4 valves simultaneously.

The SDS-50 is the first model in a new range of high performance economically priced Two-Wire controllers

The controller is designed for the most simplistic of programs up to complex requirements for both landscape and agriculture. The design makes servicing possible for the owner operator with easily accessible replacement plug-in electronic modules.

The SDS-50 controller has a capacity to operate 48 solenoid valves from a central location via a twisted pair cable. 12 programmable DataNodes™ facilitate the connection of sensors along the two-wire cable with an additional 6 controller direct inputs on the controller terminal. Up to two 24 direct relay output module can be connected at any location on the two-wire cable for conventional 24VAC solenoid operation. With the SDS-50 controller there is no need for valve decoders. Simply connect the cable direct to the SD Systems DataCoil™.

The SD-Systems, Bermad DataValves™ are supplied with DataCoils™ fitted. DataValves™ are available in sizes 25mm through to 150mm. Data radio, GSM, 3G, Bluetooth and internet communication options are supported to enable remote programming and monitoring from any location. Central PC software and an advanced Android App are available at no charge.

This economically priced model is not compromised on quality and offers a capability not normally found on competing products many times its price.

SDS-100 Two-Wire Irrigation Controller

The SDS-100 is the ultimate SIGNAL irrigation controller, with a maximum capacity of 96 stations and the ability to run up to 8 valves simultaneously.